PVC shrink films

PVC MR29 Classic shrink film

P.V.Ran Company is leader producer of the highest quality PVC shrink film and poliolefins. Couple of years ago we join Darnel Group, from 2005 we have our representation in Poland.

MR29 Classic film is produced in Multi layer system what birngs it strenght and high tear resistance. MR 29 Classic is fully complie with the EU regulations of films coming in direct contact with food stuff.
Thanks to unique character our PVC is often mix up with polyolefin films.

  • Very strong seal
  • Very high clarity
  • Food garde film, factor 1
  • Fast shrink
  • Profitable price –high er productivity than traditional PVC shrink film
Symbol P.V. Ran Traditional thickness of PVC Lenght of roll
L75 10 µ do 15 mikronów 750 mb
S60 12,5 µ do 19 mikronów 600 mb
H45 15 µ do 25 mikronów 450 mb
HH40 19 µ do 30 mikronów 400 mb

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