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L5 - Polyolefin shrink

L5 is five layer polyolefin shrink film with fast sealing time. Polyolefin film, which is the optimal combination of quality and price.

The film works well on all types of devices, including high speed machines.

There is a possibility of foil printing, prices and deadlines are set individually.

Thickness in microns:13151925
Yield (m²/kg):83,4572,5057,2043,5
Gloss (45° angle) %:858783,582,5
Haze (%):2,12,63,03,8
Shrinkage (130ºC)  %:65676565
Length (mb) Centerfolded:155012501067800
Length (mb) Flat:3100250021341600
Core diameter (mm):76,276,276,276,2

Incredible performance. Optimal shrinkage with low energy consumption. Great quality. Quick shrinking.


Unique technical capabilities allow L5 film for getting excellent results in both manual as well as automatic high-speed devices. High shrinkage quality, good visibility, excellent application possibilities foil. The L5 film is a product with a versatile application, which works great with a wide range various systems.

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