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P3 - Low slip polyolefin shrink

Shrink P3 Polyolefin Shrink Film is a high performance film with excellent tensile strength, balanced heat shrinkage and heat sealing.

It is compatible with most shrink-wrap machinery including manuał L-sealers, semi automatic and automatic systems.

Gauge in microns:13151925
Yield (mVkg):83,4572,5057,2043,5
Glóss (85° angle) in %:135135135130
Haze (%):1,31,31,83,0
Seal Strength (g/cm3):57087010251250
Tear Propagation (g):2,55,59,514,5
Shrinkage (at 135°C)in %:65656565
Length per roli (m) Centerfolded:155012501070800
Length of the roli (m) Singlewound:3100250021401600
Core Internal Diameter (mm):76,276,276,276,2

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