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Among the various types of heat-shrinkable films, the polyolefin deserves particular attention. It is a synthetic material from the group of polymers, popularly used to protect various types of articles and surfaces.

To ensure the best adaptation of our products to the needs of customers, we offer several models of polyolefins, varying in weight, extensibility and durability. Each of them, however, is suitable for use in standard packaging machines, available on the market.

Thanks to strong seals and strong shrinking, our products are considered reliable in the packaging of cosmetic, food and paper products.

If you are not sure which option to choose for the articles you manufacture - contact us - we ill be happy to advise you on the right solution.
Folia poliolefinowa Shrink P3
Folia poliolefinowa P5 HS - Darnel Shrink P5
Folia poliolefinowa P5 HS Premium - Darnel Shrink P5
Folia poliolefinowa L5 Shrink
Folia poliolefinowa NS5 - Shrink Performance

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