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One step shrink wrap machines without tunnel

Technical Specifications:

Max. Capacity:
Max. Capacity:
Max. Roll Diameter:
Working Height (E):
Film Types:
Max. Product Height:
5-10 pack / min “i Series”
7-12 pack / min “MC Series”
Ø300mm standard
860mm (8000-i Series 970mm)
POF 7-37micron PVC: 15-25micron
150mm (Optionally Higher)
Light gray RAL7035

Max. Film Width:
Installed Power:
Average Consumption:
Chamber Sizes:
Dimensions (AxBxCxD):
Palletized Size (WxLxH):
Weight (Net / Gross):

Compack 4500-i

230V 15 Ampere 1 phase
3,4 / 2,1 kW
450 x 300 x 250mm
800 x 1200 x 770mm
100 kg / 130 kg

Compack 5800-i

230V 19 Ampere 1 phase
4,4 / 2,6 kW
580 x 440 x 250mm
800 x 1200 x 770mm
120 kg / 150 kg

Compack 7000-i

400V 22 Ampere 3 phase
4,9 / 2,9 kW
700 x 510 x 250mm
940 x 1590 x 800mm
151 kg / 205 kg

Compack 8000-i

400V 27 Ampere 3 phase
6,2 / 3,7 kW
810 x 610 x 250mm
980 x 1930 x 1220mm
176 kg / 224 kg

Compack 5800-MC

400V 24 Ampere 3 phase
5,2 / 2,8 kW
580 x 440 x 250mm
940 x 1710 x 870mm
143 kg / 177 kg

- Seal & shrink single-step application in the same chamber
- Practical and compact solution for low capacity packaging requirements
- Easily transportable on wheels inside a facility
- Timers and temperature controls by digital control panel
- Magnetic holder keeps the chamber hood closed automatically
- Adjustable perforators for air discharge during shrinkage

Intelligent Sealing System & Advantages:
- Sealing blade power is generated as much as it is needed
- Adaptive temperature power control during variable cycle times
- Start-up power for the sealing blade is controlled with intelligent system.
- Increased duration of composite blade-supports due to efficient heat control
- Sustainable sealing quality and process accuracy by stabilized heat control

- Mechanical switch triggers heating of wire and chamber when the hood is closed
- Sealing is actuated in between wire and silicon rubber by manually closed hood
- Teflon belt covered silicon rubber increase sealing quality and life-span of silicon
- Sealing wire is embedded into heat-resistant composite fiber
- Solid state relays in electrical cabinet helps operating long-term and quietly

- Height adjustable package mesh tray for center sealing option
- Adjustable power of sealing blade against different film thickness
- Poly-bagging option (without shrink) by switching off the fan
- Temperature, timer other options are controlled with digital system
- Various language options are available in digital control panel
- Service menu is available in digital control panel
- Film roll holder with easy to slide, load and align each package
- Working option without pressured air need
- ISO9001 quality standards with the relevant norm’s confirmation
- CE certifications, complies with the latest CE directives
- World-wide approved brands for all mechanical and electrical components
- 1 year warranty for nonwearable parts against manufacturing faults
- 5 years spare part availability

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