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P5 HS Premium - High efficiency polyolefin shrink film

Shrink P5 HS Premium Polyolefin Shrink Film is the ideal product for use in automatic machines. Allows for an ultra fast sealing.

High yield shrink film with low energy shrinkage make Shrink P5 HS Premium your best choice in shrink polyolefins.

Geuge in microns:11
Yield (m²/kg):100
Gloss (85° angle) in %:120
Haze (%):2,6
Shrinkage (%) at 93°C:35
Shrinkage (%) at 120°C:75
Seal Strength (Mpa):57
WVTR (g/m²/24ha @ 95% HR, 35°C):37
O2 Permaebility (cm³/m²/24ha @ 23°C, 1 atm):18 500
Length of the roll (m) Centerfolded:1 850
Length of the roll (m) Singlewound:3 700
Core Internal Diameter (mm):76,2

Outstandind yield. Optimum shrinkage with low energy use. Superior sealing characteristics. Hot slip properties after shrinkage. Superior seal strength.


Shrink P5 HS Premium is designed to run on high-speed automatic equipment with increased productivity. It optimizes performance and your associated packaging costs. Its machinability and yield benefits bring operational adventages in the most demanding and production driven manufacturing environments.

P5H01XCenterfolded preperforated

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