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P5 HS - Multipurpose poliolefin high yield shrink film

Shrink P5 HS Polyolefin Shrink Film is the ideal product for use in automatic machines and gives as exceptional gloss and transparency with a strong seal.

Excellent resistance and fash hot slip make Shrink P5 HS your best choice in shrink polyolefins.

Gauge in microns:131519
Yield (m²/kg):83,7072,5057,20
Gloss (85° angle) in %:120120120
Haze (%):2,42,42,4
Shrinkage (%) at 93°C:303030
Shrinkage (%) at 120°C:707070
Seal Strength (Mpa):555555
Tear propagation (g):101113
WVTR (g/m²/24ha @ 95% HR, 35°C):231917
O2 Permeability (cm³/m²/24ha @ 23°C, 1 atm):17 00014 00011 000
Length of the roll (m) Centerfolded:1 5501 3351 070
Length of the roll (m) Singlewound:3 1002 6702 140
Core Internal Diameter (mm):76,276,276,2

Outstanding yield. Optimum shrinkage with low energy use. Excellent performance. High speed shrinkage. Hot slip properties after shrinkage make it ideal for placement of pieces in master cartons.


Unique technical capabilities enable Shrink P5 HS to give you excellent result in manual and automatic high speed machines. High shrinkage performance, good optics, outstanding machinability. Shrink P5 HS is very versatile and performs well on a large variety of systems.

P5H01XCenterfolded preperforated

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